Sunday, May 2, 2010

Manjushaa-Jewelry for every occasion

My sis and I started Manjushaa almost a year back. It was just one of those ideas that needed no further thinking. We were busy discussing how much we both loved shopping and the dearth of good places to shop in chennai. Chennai sure is catching up but the affordability factor sure seems missing. Being passionate about the same thing, we thought we should make it a viable business proposition. That’s how Manjushaa was started. In fact we debated on a lot of names and somehow the meaning “box of jewels” fitted most appropriately and we agreed almost immediately.
Manjushaa is just that a collection of jewels for almost every occasion. We had our first sale on May 10th 2009 and sources jewelry from all over India. Think it was a success so we started working on the same. This blog will be an interesting(hopefully!) account on our experiences and some anecdotes.

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